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SAFAR Internships

Looking for a great summer and/or semester internship? Curious about SAFAR – Sikh Feminist Research Institute? Feel aligned with SAFAR’s vision and mission? Keen to develop communication, leadership and research skills? Why not join us?

We are always happy to hear from passionate volunteers or potential interns but placement is based on need of projects.

If interested, please send us an email with your resume and a brief statement on how you would like to be


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SAFAR is a registered Canadian charity. Your donation to SAFAR will not only provide a great deduction, but will also help support our work that aims to strengthen individual and collective efforts toward social equity.

If you wish, you may email to earmark your donation for: Kaurs Talk Politics ; SAFAR Intern stipends; Conference support; or Applied Research Support.

SAFAR is completely volunteer-run, and relies on the support of generous individuals.

مبلمان اداری صندلی مدیریتی صندلی اداری میز اداری وبلاگدهی فروشگاه اینترنتی گن لاغری شکم بند لاغری تبلیغات کلیکی آموزش زبان انگلیسی پاراگلایدر ساخت وبلاگ بوی دهان بوی بد دهان