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Abstract submission

Still Stuck in Punjab: Diasporic females in Punjabi films
Ranjanpreet Nagra
Women Farmers Of Punjab: Forgotten Voices From The Plains
Bandana Kaur
Diaspora Journeys: The Unbearable Heaviness of Being
geetanjali Singh Chanda
Health Effects of Pesticides on Punjabi Women
Gunisha Kaur
1960-2010: A paradigm shift in educating rural Punjabi Sikh women
Pavna Kaur Sodhi
Ik Onkar: Our Sacred Feminist Practice
Tejpreet Kaur
Discursive gendered impacts of izzat: immigrant Sikh women’s access to justice
Manprit (Preet) Kaur Virdi
The Highest Path: The Aura of Anandpur
Deep Singh
Masculinized Translations: Problems of Reading Gender into Sikh Scripture
Simran Jeet Singh
Where Did She Go?
Harminder S Mann
Kuldip Gill’s Poetry as a Collective and Historical Memory Site
Sharanpal K. Ruprai
Khalsa Yogiji's Teachings as a Feminist Force
Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa
The feminist politics of Sikh women’s travels to “the homeland”
Gada Mahrouse, Indu Vashist
Saheli in Sikhism
Sonia Arora
Queering Sikh American Women, Amu and Visuality of the 1984 Genocide
Gitanjali Kaur Singh, M.A.
Exploring Gender Preference amongst Punjabi Sikhs in California: A Community Based Pilot Study
Semran Kaur Mann
A hyper masculine patriarchal Sikh discourse excludes the voices of Sikh women
satwinder Kaur bains
Grameen Bank women borrowers familial and community relationships development in the patriarchal Bangladesh and its implications to Sikh feminism.
Kazi Abdur Rouf
The Fate of Our Sisters
Malika Kaur Bhola
Women as Objects in and Producers of the Sikh Social and Built Environment
Tavleen Kaur
Hair Speaks: Sikh Women Voicing Spiritual, Sexual and Identity Body Politic
Kirpa Kaur
Prabsimran Sachdev
Sikhism, Culture and the Space Between: Accounts from the University Classroom
Jaspreet Gill
The gender politics of the ‘Sikh look’: race, gender and bodily normativity in urban Britain
Kaveri Qureshi
A Comparative Postcolonial Analysis: The Gendered Identity Construction and Representations of Sikhs in Colonial and Postcolonial Culture and Media
Jaspal Kaur Singh
The Prescribed Cultural-Otherness has Removed the Woman-Mother from the Social Order through acts of viewing.
Jasleen Singh
How Does Social Science Research Become Part of a Researcher’s Spiritual Journey?
Ravneet Kaur Tiwana
1984 and post-1984 Gender Violence during the Panjab Conflict
Harlovleen Kaur
Sikhi: beyond the heteronormative
Indu Vashist
What the Rehat Remembers: Claiming and Cultivating the Feminist Currents of the Sikh Rehat Maryada
Mallika Kaur

Our Journeys Conference 2011 - Part of the SAFAR conference series