Our Journeys Conference Series

This biennial conference series is SAFAR’s flagship endeavor. This academic conference explores a range of topics, relationships, disciplines and voices through a Sikh feminist lens. Participants seeks to cultivate a spectrum of critical dialogue, engage in collective examining of the status quo and highlight a diverse range of research methodologies throughout the day.


Young Women’s Leadership Conference Series

Teaming up with schools, SAFAR brings “Our Journeys,” to young women. It’s a free one-day event where they met and networked with Sikh women leaders.


Kaurs Talk Politics

Thus, Kaurs Talk Politics (KTP), provides a space grounded in the praxis of Miri-Piri, encouraging Kaurs to cultivate and interact with the spirit of their Sikh history so as to, challenge and empower through Sikhi to reclaim their socio-political agency, their Divine rights to equity and dignity, and physical claim to spaces of political and social praxis.


Book Club

The book club will seek to bring together an online space to read, reflect and discuss the revolution of the Vasaikhi of 1699 -when the first Khande di Pahul ceremony took place; the radically emancipatory nature of the institution of the Khalsa Panth; and its continued implications on liberation, equity, gender, social justice and humanity, through a Sikh Feminist perspective.

مبلمان اداری صندلی مدیریتی صندلی اداری میز اداری وبلاگدهی فروشگاه اینترنتی گن لاغری شکم بند لاغری تبلیغات کلیکی آموزش زبان انگلیسی پاراگلایدر ساخت وبلاگ بوی دهان بوی بد دهان